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Stitch Addiction episode 38: Cake is awesome

Tuesday, 23 September, 2014

Off the needles

Cannonball – Influenced by this project. Using MadelineTosh Vintage in Ink.
Lovejoy Slouch – Bought pattern and yarn in early summer 2013, finally getting around to knitting it! Out of MadelineTosh 80/10/10 in Nassau Blue.
Chelsea Market Hat – The perfect shade of yellow – MadelineTosh Candlewick. Using the Vintage base. Do not care that it might not look good with my skin tone, I adore this color.
Ripple – My 2nd Ripple, to replace the one I lost somewhere between Idaho and Texas in 2010. Yarn is Dream in Color Classy in Sundown Orchid.

On the needles

September socks – Yarn is Lynai Yarn sock Across the Universe. Fish Lips Kiss Heel.
Sockhead Hat – Because obviously I need a hat that looks like funfetti cake. Yarn is Sunshine Yarn Classic Sock in Cupcake.

Question – What is on my knitting bucket list?

Color Affection – Love these scrappy versions by Ladibug and Renee-Ellen.
Bloody Mary
Guernsey Wrap – Inspiration from Rachel over at The Hungriest Knitter.
Menagerie at Midnight – From Anna Maria’s Needlework Notebook.

Cross Stitch

Interview with Jody from Satsuma Street on NPR.


Pigeonroof Studios sw merino in Hundreds and Thousands.

Favorite Things

1. Strickmich Club
2. Touching History
3. Aaron Makes Stuff Spindles


Strange Folk Festival – Saturday, September 27th

Find me!

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