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Taking on the world, one stitch at a time

Friday, 5 April, 2013

Lately I have had ALL the crafty mojo. It’s pouring through me, and it shows because I? Am kicking butt and taking names when it comes to my projects. So much progress! And if two stitchy pursuits weren’t enough, I’m planning to learn a third soon – sewing! But one thing I’ve had no desire to do much of is writing. I do hate to take long breaks from the blog, so here’s the last week, in instagram photos.

Woodland Sampler – January

deer january

Woodland Sampler – February

racoon february

Woodland Sampler – March

march mushroom

If you look here you can see what the original pattern looks like – I made quite a few changes and I LOVE how it turned out!

So many projects going on I had to break out one of my bigger floss boxes

floss box

Super snuggler

snuggly mcmuffin

A pretty from work


Finally going to learn how to sew!


If I ever get over my fear of my sewing machine

sewing machine

This Easter Bunny thing makes no sense if you put any thought into it


Blocking, blocking

blocking color affection

blocking cameo

I am all caught up on my blocking. Weaving in ends and taking project pictures is another story entirely

Springtime Sampler – done with the borders for week one

springtime sampler

A perfectly lovely night


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  1. Friday, 5 April, 2013 7:56 am

    You are really kicking butt on the cross stitch! I am hoping to get through March this weekend… we’ll see though!

  2. Friday, 5 April, 2013 9:11 pm

    your cross stitch makes me miss cross stitch so much! it’s been about 7 years for me….maybe I’ll get back into it
    I’d love to follow you on instagram! I’m “knittingsquid” over there =)

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