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Happy Knitmas: a gift guide for knitters

Friday, 23 November, 2012

The holidays are coming up fast, and you need a gift for someone who loves knitting. You might know nothing about knitting and have no idea where to begin, or maybe you’re a fellow knitter looking for a special something for a friend or a few ideas for your own Christmas list. I’m here to help!

My gift guide for knitters has ideas ranging from stocking stuffers and small gifts to jewelry and tools your knitter will use for years. Most of the items featured are from etsy and yarn stores with online shops. I encourage you to support them, as well as any yarn stores in your area. The knitting community is a much better place because of small businesses like these.


1. FC Whimsey  2. Spindle Cat Studio  3. Bead Passion  4. Exchanging Fire  5. Decor Noir  6. JL Yarnworks

Stitch markers

Stitch markers help knitters keep their place in their knitting. I use stitch markers on almost every project I work on. They are incredibly useful, and since they’re small I’m constantly losing them, so I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as too many stitch markers. They come in many different styles. Some are simple, some are beaded, some are small reminders of a favorite food/tv show/ animal/almost anything you can think of. There are tons of these available on etsy, and they make a great small gift.

1. Bread and Badger  2. Claymates Pottery  3. Jennie the Potter  4. Reshape Studio


Coffee, tea, hot buttered rum…I’m sure they would all taste better in one of these cups. Pair it with some fancy hot chocolate and a candy cane and you’ve got yourself a very sweet holiday treat.

1. Knit Picks  2. WEBS

Ball winder/Yarn swift

Once I started knitting a lot, the first tool I bought was a ball winder, and my Dad bought me a swift shortly after. They make winding skeins of yarn so much easier. I can’t imagine going back to winding by hand – it is such a pain! Most experienced knitters will already have these, so double check before you buy – there are very few people who would need two ball winders or swifts. And if your knitter doesn’t have either, and you’re only buying one, go with the swift. Winding a hank of yarn without a swift, even when you have a ball winder, is not fun.

1. Tangerine Designs  2. All Things Knit  3. Knitterella  4. Papersheep  5. The Sexy Knitter  6. Little Silverleaf

Cards, Notebooks, and Gift tags

A journal to keep track of their projects and ideas. Classic notecards. Tags for handknit gifts. These would make a thoughtful small gift that any knitter would be sure to appreciate.

1. Knit One Bead Two  2. Sarahkincheloe  3. KSC Designs  4. Fanciful Belongings  5. Lena Brown Designs

Needle organizer

Circular needles, straight needles, double pointed needles. Different gauges, different lengths. Most knitters have a lot of knitting needles, and if they’re not well-organized it can be a bit of a mess. If you know a knitter like this, a knitting needle organizer might be a great gift. They’re also good for those who knit a lot while traveling or commuting! Note: a lot of needle organizers are made for just one type of needle. It would be helpful to know what type of needles your knitter uses the most before ordering. You don’t want to buy a straight needle organizer if your knitter only uses circulars.


While they aren’t my style, I know a lot of knitters who love the Funky Knit Danskos. You can find them from a lot of retailers, but here’s a link to them on Amazon to make your search a little easier.

Signature needles

Signature Needles are the Rolls Royce of knitting needles. I haven’t tried them, but every knitter I know who has swears by them.

These are customizable in several different ways so a knitter can create their perfect needle. If you don’t know which options to choose, don’t worry – Signature Needles Arts offers gift certificates!

1. Embroidered Logo Tote  2. Bob Tape Measure  3. Ravelry Logo Hoodie  4. Design Contest Project Bags  5. Frogged/Ripped Pints

Ravelry swag

Ravelry is one of the best things to ever happen to knitting. I would not be the knitter I am today without it. From the friendships I’ve formed with other knitters to the amazing references it provides, Ravelry is indispensable and still makes me excited, five years after joining. If your knitter feels the same way, then some Ravelry swag would be a great gift.

1. New Moon Studio  2. The Mud Place  3. Bridges Pottery  4. Angela Ingram  5. Miri Hardy Pottery  6. Blue Room Pottery

Yarn bowl

A yarn bowl is definitely a luxury item. While they may look merely decorative, they’re also functional. A yarn bowl provides a safe spot for yarn while it is being used. No one likes it when their ball of yarn rolls onto the floor, and a yarn bowl will keep it clean and in place. Perfect for a knitter who has almost everything.

1. Max’s World  2. Kelly Connor Designs  3. Sarah Lambert Cook  4. Sevgi Charms  5. Katrinkles  6. Ylleanna


I love knitting. It is an important part of who I am, and if your knitter is the same way then a piece of knitting-themed jewelry is a great way to show off some knitting pride. I know none of these are super fancy, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of blinged out knitting jewelry before.

Knit Kit

Knit Kits are perfect for the knitter on the go – they have almost every tool a knitter needs in a small package. Each kit comes with a tape measure, row counter, thread cutter, crochet hook, collapsible scissors (which are TSA compliant), point protectors, needle gauge, and two different sizes of stitch markers. These are really cool – I wouldn’t mind finding one under my Christmas tree!

1. The Little Rice  2. The Poppy Tree  3. Sadly Harmless  4. Buckeye Studio  5. Uilnej  6. I Live on a Farm

Knitting prints

Whether your knitter has their own little nook, a craft room, or an entire house devoted to knitting, I bet they can find space for a knitting print. These are some of my favorites, but you can find a lot more on etsy.

1. Tangerine Designs  2. Succaplokki  3. Karat Stix  4. Knitpurletc

Needle gauge

Some knitting needles come with their size printed on them, but a lot do not. So how do you figure out which size your needle is? With a needle gauge! I use mine all. the. time. It is one of the most important tools in my knitter toolkit. But just because it’s a tool doesn’t mean it has to be boring, right? From needle gauge necklaces to the Tardis to owls, sheep, robots, and about everything in between, etsy once again has you covered.

Craftsy class

Is your knitter a beginner who would like to learn more or someone who enjoys new techniques? Craftsy has an online class for them! From knitting with beads to making toys for children, there are a wide range of classes for every skill level. Craftsy also offers classes in many other crafts too! And if you’re not sure which class to sign your knitter up for, don’t worry – they have gift certificates.

Soak and Soakboxes

Soak is a rinseless soap designed by a knitter for handknits! It comes in a number of scents (and scentless), and while this may seem like a boring gift, I bet all the knitters I know would be delighted to receive a bottle in their stocking. The company also makes great lotion and heel cream.

If your knitter has been extra good this year, a Soakbox would make an excellent gift. It comes with a bottle of both Soak and Handmaid lotion, a skein of Lorna’s Laces yarn, nail polish to match the yarn, and a pattern for a pair of handwarmers. Soakboxes come in four gorgeous colors – these things are seriously awesome.

1. The Knitter  2. Vogue Knitting  3. Interweave Knits  4. Creative Knitting  5. Rowan  6. Pom Pom Quarterly

Knitting magazine subscription

There are a lot of knitting magazines out there, and most of them offer subscriptions. These are a few of them – but make sure you do a little research before buying! These magazines each have their own style, and may not appeal to everyone. Interweave Knits is probably the most popular knitting magazine, and is safest bet if you’re not sure which one to go with.

1. Knit Picks  2. The Loopy Ewe  3. WEBS

Blocking boards/Sock blockers

For most knitting projects, once you finish them you have to block them. This means soaking the knitted object and then pinning it into the desired shape. Before I had blocking boards, I would clear off a table, pin my knitting out on towels, and keep watch so my cats wouldn’t lay on top of it. Now I can prop my knitting up against a wall as it dries, which is really nice in a small house, and I don’t have to worry about the cats or do any laundry afterwards. Win!

1. Jenny Buttons  2. Ruby Vegas Designs  3. Sterling Simplicity  4. Nicholas and Felice  5. Nova Steel  6. Lesliewind

Shawl pins

Shawls are one of the most popular types of knitting projects, and a great way to wear them is by securing them around your shoulders with a shawl pin. These come in many different styles, from simple silver to ornately beaded, so you’re sure to find one your knitter will love. Etsy is a great place to look for shawl pins!

1. The Silver Pumpkin  2. Heidimonkey  3. Birch Lane Bags  4. JessaLu  5. Chubby Cloud  6. Big Beluga

Project bags

If your knitter is anything like me, and takes their project with them wherever they go, then they probably use some some sort of special bag to keep their knitting safe. I keep my projects in their own bag when I’m not working on them too. If you decide this would a be something your knitter would love, make sure you pay attention to size. You don’t want to buy them a tiny bag intended for socks if all they knit are sweaters – or vice versa!


Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about what to get for a knitter is yarn. Don’t buy your knitter yarn. It’s really sweet that you thought of it, but unless they have told you exactly what yarn and which color they want, there is so much yarn out there that there’s a good chance you’ll pick out something in a fiber or weight or shade they won’t like.

Most local yarn stores and online shops offer gift certificates. If you would prefer to or need to buy online, Eat Sleep Knit, Jimmy Beans Wool, and WEBS are all shops I would recommend. They have a large selection and great customer service.

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  1. Friday, 23 November, 2012 7:48 am

    The best advice is to not buy your knitter any yarn. Thank you for shouting that out. Really, peeps, I hate getting yarn that I didn’t ask for. It is NEVER the right one. Well, unless it’s a knitting buddy who knows me very well that gives it.

  2. Friday, 23 November, 2012 8:13 am

    This is an awesome post! Fantastic ideas!
    I can’t pass up an opportunity to promote my mom’s shop, Absolute Wonder: She makes project bags, needle organizers, & stitch markers & has been featured on a few podcasts.

  3. Friday, 23 November, 2012 3:31 pm

    Great post Kate! So many lovelies! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving 🙂

  4. Friday, 23 November, 2012 7:47 pm

    Great list, but I have to disagree with the last one! I love getting surprise skeins – something colorful, luxurious or unexpected that I would not have picked out for myself. I guess it’s a matter of taste – to me, a gift of yarn represents an interesting challegen – what can I knit out of this? And if I don’t like the resulting item/garment, I can always find someone to give it to as a gift.

  5. Saturday, 24 November, 2012 12:19 am

    I couldn’t help but smile when I saw your warning of, “Don’t buy yarn.” I work at a yarn shop and do my best to convince people to get a gift certificate for the knitter in their life rather than buy yarn.

  6. Sunday, 25 November, 2012 5:24 pm

    This is AWESOME. I need to forward this to everyone I know. 🙂

  7. Monday, 26 November, 2012 5:50 am

    What a great post and so many wonderful ideas!

  8. Jessie Love permalink
    Friday, 15 August, 2014 3:38 pm

    This is spot on! It had the extra fun things I was looking for instead of just “Buy them yarn” with a picture of a Red Heart skein. BLEH

  9. Morgan permalink
    Tuesday, 10 February, 2015 11:20 am

    I know you said not to buy yarn, but I bought this for my Mom one year and she loved it.
    It has yarn, needles and patterns with it. She said the yarn was beautiful. But she is my Mom, so maybe it’s sitting in a “project bag” under the stairs…


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