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A few of my favorite things: August

Friday, 3 August, 2012

This summer has flown by. Soon we’re going to have a first grader in our house! And you know what that means? School supply shopping! I’m not the only one who secretly loves that part, right?

The Olympics are taking up most of my free time right now. My favorite events so far have been diving, archery, and gymnastics. Earlier this week I talked about having three Ravellenics projects. You could definitely say I made some progress – two of them are finished already!


I love the idea of knitted wraps. They seem so warm and cozy, but I have a feeling in practice they would be somewhat difficult to wear. This is why Jared Flood’s Guernsey Wrap has been a much loved but unknitted part of my queue. Enter the Guernsey Triangle. While it doesn’t have as many stitch patterns incorporated in it as the original, I think it will satisfy my need for a textured shawl. This pattern is part of the Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Colour Club, so if you don’t belong to the club (like me) you’ll have to wait until early 2013 to get your hands on it. Can’t wait!

The Scientist introduced me to The xx not long after we started dating, and they’ve become one of our favorite bands. On September 11th their new album is coming out, which has left both of us filled with dread because their first album is so perfect and the chances that their second will be anywhere near as good as the first is slim. But then we heard the first single, Angels. So good, you guys. So good.

Colorblock might be a kid’s sweater, but I want one for myself!

Someone on Pinterest posted this necklace from Monkeys Always Look, and I might have to break down and order one. I love the copper and light blue together.

I’m sure some of you remember Goodale, the wildly popular cardigan Cecily Glowik MacDonald pattern from 2010. Cecily has come out with a new version of the pattern, Newdale, which uses heavier weight yarn and has long sleeves and larger pockets. Newdale is part of Landing, which is Cecily’s first book. It comes out later this month and has several projects in it that I really like.

When I first saw this scarf I looked down at the navy cardigan I was wearing and thought they would make a fabulous combination. My next thought should be obvious – not whether I should shell out the $115 (yeah, right) but which striped shawl pattern I should use to make my own! Yay knitting! (By the way, I still haven’t decided. Any suggestions?)

Not only is Amy Herzog a great designer, but she’s also super nice. And she’s got fabulous hair! Her new pattern, Caufield, features one of my favorite stitch patterns. Plus it’s buttonless and has 3/4 length sleeves. It’s like she designed it just for me. Oh! And the pattern also includes directions for a vest version, which would be such a great layering piece.

I love hummus. I love Ethiopian food. And this Berbere-Spiced Red Lentil Hummus from the Fat-Free Vegan is a delicious combination of the two. I made this recipe almost as soon as I saw it, and it didn’t disappoint. So good.

I’ve never knit a Wooly Wormhead hat before, but I think Ravine might change that. I love the retro look it has to it, although I would probably chose a different yarn – I love tweeds but I don’t think they work well for this pattern. Maybe a cashmere blend?

In December 2011 I came across ‘Ungirthed,’ the first single by a band called Purity Ring, on one of those best-of year end lists. I loved it, and all the subsequent singles they put out. Finally a few weeks ago their debut album, Shrines, came out and it is AH-MAZING. This will be one of my favorite albums of the year, no doubt.

Wasn’t someone just talking about needing a striped shawl pattern? 😉

The Shipshape Shawl is really close to what I’m looking for. And I love the construction – I hate it when a shawl doesn’t stay wrapped around your neck, and this looks like it would stay in place all day!

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  1. Jessie permalink
    Friday, 3 August, 2012 7:10 am

    I love all your August faves! Especially all the stripes, the hat (agree re: the tweed) and Newale.

  2. Friday, 3 August, 2012 9:43 am

    I am a whore for good office supplies. Love your choices as always – off to add some things to my queue.

  3. Friday, 3 August, 2012 12:44 pm

    I think I just became a fan of The xx. Not normally my style of music, but I liked it! Loves and hugs.

  4. Friday, 3 August, 2012 1:57 pm

    Whenever you do one of these “Favorites” posts, I end up with 5 more patterns in my Ravelry queue!

  5. Friday, 3 August, 2012 10:24 pm

    Oh, where to start! Thanks for bringing up The xx. I love their song Crystalised, but haven’t listened any further. Those necklaces are gorgeous!

  6. Friday, 3 August, 2012 10:40 pm

    Great list! But I agree with Katie, now my Rav queue is even longer! Haha

  7. deannetheresa permalink
    Saturday, 4 August, 2012 4:05 pm

    I love love love that knit hat pattern! That may be the next thing I cast on!

  8. Mom permalink
    Sunday, 5 August, 2012 7:25 pm

    I like all these things but agree the hat pattern is outstanding! Although it is so hot today it is hard to think of knit hats. Love this monthly blog of “favorite” things. xoxoox

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