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3rd generation

Friday, 25 May, 2012

This is me and my Grandpa Jenkins.  I was about 6 months old here, and within a couple years he would be gone.

I don’t know a lot about my Grandpa. I know he was adopted and that he was on his way to the South Pacific when World War II ended and he never saw combat. He dated a lady named Dorothy after my Grandma died and went by his middle name and put different names than what he and my Grandma agreed upon on both my Mom and my Aunt’s birth certificates – without consulting my Grandma. My Mom, Sue, was supposed to be Jennifer. My Aunt Judi, Deborah.

He survived this, somehow.

What I know about him is a small collection of secondhand stories. I don’t know what he sounded like or what made him laugh or even if he was tall.

My Mom was born in Chicago and Grandpa took her to Cubs games when she was growing up. He remained a Cubs fan for the rest of his life, even after he moved to a different city. I’ve never had an interest in baseball, but if you were to ask me what my favorite team is I would tell you it is the Cubs for no other reason than it’s my Grandpa’s team. My Mom is the same way.

When I saw last month that the Cubs were coming to Houston to play the Astros I knew we had to go.

Our seats were cheap, but the view was good.

We ate some hot dogs.

Wore some free hats.

Did a little knitting.

Watched the game.

And I cheered for the Cubs. For my Grandpa.

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  1. Mom permalink
    Friday, 25 May, 2012 8:44 am

    Can’t tell you how moved I was by this. It surprised my that I cried and cried and cried after reading it. I am still crying but it is okay. Our whole family are Cubs fans. My favorite memory of him is sitting on the front porch, feet up on the rail, drinking a cold beer and listening to the game. It was summer! So sad to think you never knew Grandma and have no memory of Grandpa. Uncle Jeff’s children too. I will try harder to give you more stories. Your grandparents were good people and I thank you so much for this. Love you sweet girl.

  2. Saturday, 26 May, 2012 1:27 am

    That’s so wonderful that you can connect with your Grandpa’s memory, and share it with your family, too. Grandpa/granddaughter relationships have always seemed special to me. My grandpa died suddenly a little more than a week before my fourteenth birthday. He was an engineer who held dozens of patents and fixed his broken glasses with duct tape, and I had only just started appreciating how amazing he was when he died. There are little things that remind me of him every so often, and it’s a bittersweet feeling of both love and regret that there wasn’t more to remember.

  3. Judi Koeller permalink
    Sunday, 27 May, 2012 1:02 pm

    So loved this!! What a touching tribute to a really great Dad. He also had a dog named Ernie Banks, a beloved famous Cub. I remember the air was really blue sometimes when he expounded on them when they were making stupid mistakes. Another interesting fact is that he could play the piano BEAUTIFULLY, and never took a lesson. He played “by ear”. Thank you so much for this. You have an amazing gift. Love you.

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